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2023 Lowell Election Calendar is Set

(cover photo courtesy Marte Media)

Despite an atypically slow trickle of candidates declaring their candidacy, preparations for the 2023 Lowell municipal elections are nearly complete.

This election season will feature early and mail in voting, a day after Labor Day Preliminary (if necessary) and the traditional first Tuesday in November general Election.

Most of the early summer drama is likely to focus on whether there will even be a need for a Preliminary. In order to trigger one, there must be at least three declared candidates in a particular District and seven or more at-large competitors.

Among the dates candidates and the public should be aware of:

Tuesday June 6: nomination papers released
Friday July 14: last day & hour to obtain nomination papers (5pm)
Tuesday July 18: last day & hour to submit nomination papers to Election Commission (5pm)
Wednesday July 19: posting of list of candidates
Friday July 21: drawing of ballot position for preliminary election, if required (10am)
Wed. August 23-Fri. September 1: Early Voting
Saturday August 26: last day to register to vote in preliminary
Monday August 28: deadline to apply for vote by mail in preliminary (5pm)
Friday September 1: deadline to apply for in-person absentee ballots (5pm)
Tuesday September 5: Municipal Preliminary (if required)
Wed. October 25-Fri. November 3: Early Voting
Saturday October 28: last day and hour to register to vote before election (5pm)
Tuesday October 31: deadline to apply to vote by mail (5pm)
Monday November 6: deadline to apply for in-person absentee ballots (Noon)
Tuesday November 7: Election Day

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