About Bach

Mike Bacigalupo, more commonly known around the city as Bach, is a product of Lowell’s Christian Hill neighborhood and Lowell Public Schools.

He began his media career in radio, making occasional appearances on WCAP’s Morning Drive Show with InsideLowell Founder Teddy Panos in 2017. Due to popular demand, those appearances became more frequent and soon he was Co-Hosting the Asa and Bach Show, aka “The Power Hour” from 2019-2022. His inside knowledge of the city, combined with a razor-sharp wit, make his writing as entertaining a read as you’ll find on the local media scene. His “Beers with Bach” podcasts highlight members of the community in a way that brings their personality to the surface.

In “real life,” Bach has been active in local politics and civic organizations. His nearly 25-year career focuses mostly in the non-profit sector, formerly in program management and currently in fiscal and budgeting matters.

He brings a unique perspective on the local and national scene, realizing that ultimately there is humor in everything, nothing is really that serious, and if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing.  As an example, Bach sees his greatest contribution has been his commitment to the planet and the future by remaining childless.

He currently resides in North Chelmsford, which he insists is not really Chelmsford.

Why Bach joined InsideLowell:
“Bach joined InsideLowell because he believes providing the public information and opinions from a myriad of people is key to a healthy community.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to hear the opinions and musing of a middle aged white guy from Christian Hill.”

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