About Jack Mitchell

Jack Mitchell has been jousting with the establishment media and political power brokers since the early days of the NH Primary in 2007. As a grassroots activist with “Veterans for Obama,” Mitchell sharpened his new media edges skirmishing on a prominent NH Blog against other activists and “machine Democrats.” The quick-witted banter, mixed with memes and pop culture references, appealed to Mitchell’s sensibilities. The skills he developed over that campaign translated well to the blossoming new media scene in Lowell.

By 2009, new media venues in Lowell were seriously challenging the dominance of legacy media. The “movers and shakers” had predictable dynamics with the Paper of Record and the local AM Radio station. The variety of perspectives and personalities of Lowell’s Bloggers did not neatly mesh with the narratives and frames that where being spun and pushed out to Lowellians. Mitchell thrived in this environment and, over a decade, has carefully stumbled his way into becoming a dreaded establishment figure in his own right.

Jack has listened intently as influencers harkened the steady demise of print media. Further, he noted the limits of blogging, with a scourge of anonymous trash talkers. So, Mitchell translated his voice over to Social Media, seeing the potential of Facebook as a tool to organize and influence.

Why Jack joined InsideLowell:
“My journey through the new forms of media that sprouted up in Lowell has been a trip since Day 1, and I am now looking forward to sharing in the responsibilities of opining and informing Lowellians as part of the InsideLowell team.”

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