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Dracut Select Board Chair Replies to Thibault

Rebuttal to InsideDracut Guest Column

To the publisher:

The guest column, “A Black Eye on Dracut,” is factually incorrect and injurious to my reputation. The published piece contains false statements about my voting record as a Dracut Selectman and libelous accusations alleging conflict of interest that are demonstrably untrue. Further, these statements are malicious because the author knows they are untrue and published them anyway.

First, I never opposed adding an at-large member to the Zoning Bylaw Review Committee. I supported it and voted for it.

Second, I have never had any conflict of interest on any matter that has come before the Board. I was pre-cleared by the state Ethics Commission to participate and vote on any and all matters involving Beaver Brook Farm and Dracut Access Television because I do not have any financial interest in either matter. In both cases, I proactively contacted the Ethics Commission for legal review in advance. After approval from the Ethics Commission, I filed the appropriate disclosures on both matters to dispel even the appearance of a conflict.

I’m able to perform my official duties objectively and fairly, and I have been publicly transparent in these matters and all others. As an elected official, I have always conducted myself with the highest professional and ethical standards.

Alison Genest

One response to “Dracut Select Board Chair Replies to Thibault”

  1. george boag says:

    Poor Phil Thibault.

    He and his supporters portray him as a selfless public servant badly treated by a majority of the Dracut Board of Selectmen.

    Those outside of that group see him as a political candidate on the make. Phil has run for the board 8 times. He has run in 6 of the last 8 elections, half of them for the seat held by Joe Dirocco. That seat is up again next year. It appears Phil will run for it for the 4th consecutive time. He likely sees this gambit as his best shot for finally getting elected.

    Phil likes playing the victim. He and fellow DATV board members John Zimini and Gordy Scott routinely lambaste Mr Dirocco on their show What’s Happening Dracut and previously on The Dracut Connection. (For the record, I am the current producer of The Dracut Connection) Fellow DATV board members Zimini and Tami Dristiliaris routinely opposed Dirocco when they were selectmen.

    Yet Phil and his supporters pretend his interest in a committee appointment is something other than a political stunt. WCAP’s Sturday morning host has called this a vendetta and warned of “taking us back to times when old boy politics ruled.” Yet Phil’s supporters include John Zimini, Tami and George Dristliaris, Warren Shaw, Tony Archinski, Heather Santiago-Hutchings and Rebecca Duda. Three former selectmen, two current selectmen and a member of the school committee. More gender equity but still an old political network.

    It is time for a nonpolitical person to be appointed. Phil’s supporters should wait until 2024. Maybe Phil’s 9th campaign may finally win him the position he has coveted for so long. Until then they should respect the will of the voters and select someone other than Phil Thibault.

    George Boag

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