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City Launches New Video Series with City Manager

Lowell — The City of Lowell is excited to announce the launch of a new monthly video series, “Lowell Current,” produced in partnership with Lowell TeleMedia Center (LTC).

This engaging six-episode series, hosted by City Manager Thomas A. Golden, Jr., offers an insightful explanation into various topics relevant to the community.

The Lowell Current aims to keep residents informed about the City’s ongoing initiatives, accomplishments, and community stories. Each episode will provide an overview of a specific theme followed by an in-depth conversation between City Manager Golden and a City department head.

The first episode, set to premiere today, February 8, 2024, on the City of Lowell’s YouTube channel, kicks off with a brief review of the City’s accomplishments in 2023. City Manager Golden is joined by Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Conor Baldwin for an interview, offering viewers valuable insights into the City’s financial successes and future plans.

In addition to government highlights, the Lowell Current will feature segments on local businesses and community organizations. The premiere episode showcases Open Lowell’s interview with chef and owner Viviana Acevedo from Panela, a beloved Colombian restaurant in Lowell. Open Lowell, the City’s inclusivity initiative, is a platform for issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion through education, communication and advocacy. Open Lowell’s visit to Panela provides an inside look at Acevedo’s experiences in starting and running her restaurant, offering inspiration and a firsthand account of entrepreneurship in the City.

The Lowell Current series will be released on a monthly basis, providing a consistent and engaging channel for residents to stay connected with their local government. Each episode will deliver informative content and encourage celebration of and engagement with the community.

“We’re thrilled to launch the Lowell Current series as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance communication with our residents,” said City Manager Golden. “This collaboration with LTC allows us to delve deeper into important topics and showcase the incredible stories that make Lowell such a unique and dynamic place.”

Check out the premiere episode of the Lowell Current on YouTube, and join City Manager Golden as he reviews some accomplishments from 2023 and sits down with CFO Baldwin for a conversation.


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