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Congresswoman Calls on Councilor to Step Aside

3rd District Congresswoman Lori Trahan, the most prominent woman’s voice in local politics, today called on City Councilor Corey Robinson to step aside while the case against him for domestic violence plays out in court.

“As a woman and a mother to two young girls, I have always stood unequivocally with the victims of domestic violence. That’s why I’ve worked tirelessly to advance legislation like the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act to do everything we can to support victims, including women who are so often blamed by their attacker for the violent assaults committed against them. The allegations against Councilor Robinson are extremely disturbing, and the details in the police report are excruciating to read. While every American has the right to defend themselves in a court of law, Councilor Robinson included, I encourage him to do what’s best for his constituents in Centralville and the City of Lowell, which is to step aside as the legal process moves forward.”

Trahan’s statement was met with a quick rebuttal released through Robinson’s Attorney Ryan Sullivan, which seemed to call into question the motives behind it.

“We continue to be disheartened that so many people are jumping to conclusions, ignoring that there is a mountain of evidence showing these are false allegations. Congresswoman Trahan has my contact information and has not reached out regarding these allegations. Domestic Violence is a solemn issue that impacts many lives. It is unfortunate to see some are politicizing such a serious matter. It is also disheartening to see our mayor’s wife works for this office and we hope local political motives in a quest for higher office aren’t playing in the background. My client only wishes the judicial process were quicker to provide proof of his innocence.” 

When asked whether the Congresswoman’s statement was politicized or at all influenced by the fact Mayor Sokhary Chau’s wife Somong works in her office as Head of Constituent Services, Spokesperson Francis Grubar responded by writing “I don’t have a response for something so obviously ridiculous.”

2 responses to “Congresswoman Calls on Councilor to Step Aside”

  1. Brooke Forgetta says:

    That was, in my opinion, very vaguely rude of the spokesperson to Sokhary Cahu’s wife Somong.

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