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Council Meeting “Replay” on Tap?

The upcoming Lowell City Council meeting agenda was released earlier today, with a replay of last Tuesday’s drama a very real possibility.

Only seven motions were filed, but a pair of them belong to Councilor Corey Robinson:

Will a majority of Councilors again move to table his motions, as was done with the five Robinson filed last week? Early indications are, yes, as a number have told us off the record they will vote to do so again.

Meanwhile, Motion 4.7, which is one of the five Robinson filed last week, has been re-filed, only this time by Councilor Erik Gitschier.

When asked if those motions will be seconded and voted on, multiple councilors replied “yes.”

And so it appears the effort to convince Councilor Robinson to step aside until his legal situation plays out will continue as long as he continues to file motions or attend meetings in-person or via zoom. As for residents fearing their concerns won’t be represented on the council, the message seems to be to have one of the other councilors file the motion and due process will follow.

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    I agree!

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