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All Council Reaction to Robinson Situation

Earlier this evening, we published a pair of statements from City Councilors regarding the allegations against Corey Robinson. With more statements now forthcoming, we have decided to publish them all on this page, with the most recent at the top.

We have been told that all Councilors were contacted and asked to sign onto the first statement. As a result, we reached out to the rest for comment, along with offering Councilor Robinson an opportunity to respond to the words of his colleagues.

Kim Scott: “I am troubled by the allegations against my colleague. I have faith our legal system will be fair to all parties involved and hope for a just resolution to the case. Regarding earlier statements by my colleagues, I was asked to sign on but believed it was proper to reach out to the City Solicitor for opinion first. I have now decided to make an individual statement and I agree it is best for all involved if Councilor Robinson steps aside until the situation is resolved, especially for survivors of domestic violence who may have strong feelings about Councilor Robinson’s attendance of council meetings.”

Erik Gitschier: “All City of Lowell personnel issues that rise to this level should be discussed in executive session. Executive session is called to discuss the reputation, character, physical condition or mental health, rather than professional competence, of an individual, or to discuss the discipline or dismissal of, or complaints or charges brought against, a public officer, employee, staff member or individual. It is my belief the nature of these allegations should be discussed in executive session.”

Danny Rourke: “I strongly condemn domestic violence of any kind and believe any such allegations warrant a thorough investigation. Based on my position as an officer of the court, it is improper to make any statement regarding the court proceedings involving Councilor Robinson.”

Sokhary Chau: “The allegations against Councilor Robinson are very serious and troubling. There is no place in our society for domestic violence and I strongly condemn these alleged actions. We believe perpetrators should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and victims should be heard. While these charges are pending, the Council will closely monitor the situation and determine the best course of action for the city and residents.”

John Drinkwater, Wayne Jenness, John Leahy, Vesna Nuon and Paul Ratha Yem: “As elected officials who share a commitment to public service and the welfare of our constituents, we wish to address a matter of significant concern that has recently come to our attention. The serious legal charges against Lowell City Councilor Corey Robinson and the information contained in a police report from an incident that allegedly occurred last week depict actions that simply can never be tolerated.  While we honor the legal principle that all individuals charged are innocent until proven guilty, and trust that the legal system will provide for a fair examination of this matter before any final conclusions are reached, we believe that Councilor Robinson’s continued participation in the proceedings of the City Council while the criminal litigation is ongoing would significantly erode the public trust in our elected body. Furthermore, it will serve as an unnecessary distraction from the collaborative work necessary to serve the residents of Lowell. For these reasons, we strongly urge Councilor Robinson to step aside from his position on the City Council pending the final outcome of the legal proceedings.”

4 responses to “All Council Reaction to Robinson Situation”

  1. Deb Belanger says:

    As a former candidate for city council and as
    As a woman, I cannot stand by and not voice my opinion. I Have personally called a number of members of the city council and shared my opinion on this matter

    Do I take the word of a police officer in Dracut and their history of dealing with repeated calls to this residence or believe Mr Robinson.

    Corey — for the good of the City and respect for the office, do what is right and resign. How can you allow these troubling allegations linger over the next few years as this winds its way thru the legal process

    An average of 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States — more than 12 million women and men over the course of a single year.

    Don’t victimize the woman more than you already have.

    You need to resign

  2. Louis says:

    Whatever happened to due process and the belief of “Innocent until proven guilty”?

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