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City Offers Cyber Update

While the City of Lowell continues to dig out from the recent cyber incident, employees received another update from the Manager’s office this week on operations and systems status, along with more advice on how to protect themselves against information potentially showing up on the dark web.

Among the goals for this week, it is hoped that Zoom and Teams meetings services will be restored, with Office365 training and services implemented to allow “work from anywhere.”

In terms of “Play’ ransomware’s claims that some data was released on May 11, the memo indicates additional state and third party resources have been made available to assist with the data assessment. The city continues to monitor and ensure compliance with all obligatory reporting related to this event and Federal and State partners continue to monitor the dark web for any activity related to this incident.

In addition to new security requirements and recommendations, the missive also contains the below chart on creating new passwords, which we are including because it is helpful for all residents as well as city employees to consider:

Lastly, the following chart shows where the affected operations stand today:

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