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Emotions Continue to Run High

If you thought a little time to reflect after a contentious City Council meeting would lead to toned down rhetoric, think again.

A communication from Corey Robinson to Johnny Descoteaux is the latest indication that the friction between the two colleagues hasn’t gone away, and in fact may be ratcheting up.

Descoteaux shared contents of the communication in an email to InsideLowell and other local media members Friday, a text which includes numerous insults and references his work with Team Micky Ward Charities and performing as a vocalist as part of local bands through the years.

The email concludes with Descoteaux writing “This text from C. Robinson is a further example of his bullying and intimidating behavior towards me and my colleagues and is precisely why I spoke out at the council meeting. This bullying mentality has no place on the City Council.”

(The email from Descoteaux, along with the text message and a response from Robinson, are published in their entirety below)

When asked for a response to Descoteaux going public with the message, Robinson released a statement of his own and also sent a screen shot of the cellphone communication, asking us to include the follow up text he sent, which read “PS Beanshooter was right about you,” in our reporting.

Descoteaux denies knowing who “Beanshooter” refers to. When asked who he is, Robinson replied “he is a social media personality that has commented about Johnny D. Johnny knows him.”

Robinson’s statement, also published in it’s entirety below, included a defense of the number of motions filed and alleges a “coordinated effort” around the bullying narrative.

The next City Council meeting takes place at City Hall Tuesday, July 9 meeting.

(The following screen shots are the email from City Councilor John Descoteaux to InsideLowell, followed by a screen shot of the texts from Robinson’s phone and Robinson’s full statement to InsideLowell)


5 responses to “Emotions Continue to Run High”

  1. Mike says:

    I am Mike Lee aka “Beanshooter” 11 years sober, own 2 sober homes in the city, one in Mr Robinson district of Centralville, Corey was very supportive of me opening my home to help other addicts and I won’t judge anybody until the facts play out in court. As for being a former criminal that people still want to use against me, that’s nothing new. Mr Descoteaux recently called Micky Ward crying to him I was golfing at Micky’s tournament without paying fee which was untrue and John very well who Beanshooter is. Micky is one of my closest friends and is the man who started me on the path to recovery for which I will be forever grateful 🙏

  2. Teddy Panos says:

    Reminder: anonymous comments from email addresses that can’t be confirmed, or comments made from the same IP address but under a different identity, will not be approved. Thank you.

  3. Richard J. Silvio says:

    When accused by multiple people of bullying, a response which refers to the accusations as, more or less, a plot, does not seem like the proper response. I think oftentimes we have a hard time with stepping back and asking if we ourselves are the problem. This is something I struggle with in my own life, and it seems that Mr. Robinson may struggle with this as well. I have had the pleasure of working with John, and I have never heard of nor witnessed anything which would seriously indicate that he is not of a high moral standing. I have not personally met Mr. Robinson, therefore I cannot speak to his character.

    In any event, it is inappropriate to personally attack your fellow counselor, whether in public or private. From what Teddy has posted, I do not see how John is in the wrong. I think he is being attacked for his friendships and the fact that he is a “freshman” counselor, as Mr. Robinson put it. Lowell cannot improve if we can’t get passed personal grudges.

  4. GMP says:

    Any update on “As the Council Turns”? Amazing, we pay these morons $25k a year and they act like a bunch of Jr High kids whining about what others are saying! What’s next, a “censure” vote because someone doesn’t like what someone else said? That should solve everything.

  5. PJ says:

    Are they all morons and whiny Jr high kids? Or is there a clearly established, identifiable pattern of behavior from one or two individuals that consistently derail meetings with eye-roll inducing inanity and constant grandstanding?

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