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Five candidates to interview for Lowell Public Schools interim superintendent Saturday

LOWELL — Five candidates vying to become interim superintendent of Lowell Public Schools will interview before the School Committee on Saturday.

Interviews will occur in the council chamber at City Hall starting at 10:15 a.m. According to the agenda, the committee will vote on a selection after the interviews conclude. The agenda also states there is an executive session scheduled for contract talks with the chosen candidate.

As InsideLowell reported earlier this month, three internal candidates are vying for the position: Chief Equity and Engagement Officer Latifah Phillips, Chief Academic Officer Robin Desmond, and Chief Schools Officer Liam Skinner. All three are set to receive interviews.

Two external candidates are also under consideration: Current Boston Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Kevin McCaskill and former Northampton Public Schools Interim Superintendent Jannell Pearson-Campbell.

Former Lowell Public Schools Superintendent Joel Boyd announced his resignation in April. Boyd said he would be taking a position as CEO of Mastery Charter Schools, which operates 24 different K-12 schools across Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey.

McCaskill will be the first interview of the day, followed by Skinner and Phillips. After a lunch break scheduled from 1:15-2:15 p.m., the committee will hear from Pearson-Cambell and Desmond.

One response to “Five candidates to interview for Lowell Public Schools interim superintendent Saturday”

  1. Didi says:

    I hope that the school committee does the right thing and hire an internal candidate for interim . With so many open positions in the system (principals and others), it is important that the person making those hiring decisions is a process who knows the needs of each and every school.

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