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“Flags for Nurses Project” Launches in Lowell Native’s Honor

Flags for Nurses Project, Inc., a newly established 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, proudly announced its official launch in last month.

This heartfelt initiative was created to honor and memorialize the invaluable contributions of nurses, who have been on the front lines of healthcare, selflessly caring for others, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founded by the family of dedicated nurse and Lowell native, Melissa Dunn, Flags for Nurses Project, Inc. is on a mission to ensure that the heroic efforts of nurses are never forgotten. In many cases, these compassionate individuals go unrecognized for their unwavering dedication and sacrifice. This non-profit organization aims to change that by creating lasting tributes in the form of custom memorial flags for cemeteries and standard-sized flags suitable for household and professional display.

A 1994 graduate of Lowell High School, Melissa Dunn dedicated every day to making sure her patients were happier when she was with them. She spent several years at Greater Lowell Visiting Nurses Association specializing in wound care. She was a shift supervisor at Wingate of Andover, MA. Melissa was also a LPN with Elder Care and Rehab Services at D’Youville Senior Care Center caring for COVID patients and the elderly.

The primary objective of Flags for Nurses Project, Inc. is to manufacture and distribute these meaningful markers of designation. In 2024, consumers will have the opportunity to purchase these flags directly for themselves or in memory of loved ones, with the proceeds going towards furthering the organization’s mission.

“We were deeply moved by the dedication and sacrifices of nurses, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Janet Dellea, the driving force behind the Flags for Nurses Project. “During the memorial services of our beloved niece, it became clear that there was a need to recognize and memorialize the incredible contributions of these everyday heroes. We believe that by having a symbol of the light nurses offer during their lifetime in memorial environments, we can ensure they are remembered and their acts of service continue to inspire humanity to care for one another.”

Flags for Nurses Project, Inc. invites all individuals, organizations, and communities to join in this noble endeavor. By participating in this initiative, you can play a vital role in ensuring that nurses receive the recognition and honor they truly deserve. To learn more about the project or to make a donation, please visit the official website at

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  1. Brooke Forgetta says:

    Love this

  2. Eileen Ryan says:

    Thank you for your dedication and support Janet. This is such a special recognition ❤️

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