Can I Be Frank? Breaking Down Cousin Eddie

First ballot Hall of Fame Holiday movie, Christmas Vacation, is the absolute best.  One of these flicks you will never turn off during this glorious season of giving.  It’s a gift to all of us.  If you haven’t seen it, as I frequently say, then please lose my number and go Away in a Manger.  Arguably, the most fascinating and hilarious character in this classic is the infamous ‘Cousin Eddie’, the outcast family member of the Griswald Clan.  I think we all have a Cousin Eddie in our families, to some degree, but this character is simply Christmas Magic.  And while I would like to take full credit for the analysis of Cousin Eddie you are about to read, I must be honest; this blog was a gift to me from a real Cousin of mine(I won’t say which).

Yes I am serious, Clark.

Hope you enjoy.


Let’s break this down

Outfit 1:  Introduction

The Everyman’s Look, the iconic trapper hat makes its first appearance in the film accompanied by a paisley shirt with a butterfly collar and a plain green overcoat, which covers most of the outfit.  This look is understated but gives just a hint of what’s to come.

Outfit 2: Eggnog and Conversation

This is my personal favorite.  We’ve got white buckskin shoes which we’ve paired with dark green pants and a skin-tight white sweater.  While the oiled hair adds a certain sophistication to the outfit the dicky is obviously what takes this ensemble to the next level.  Released in 1989 it’s readily apparent to those of us who keep on top of these things that Yves Ste Laurent used this look as inspiration for her signature Black Lingerie under a sheer white dress at the 1991 Fashion Week show 

Outfit 3: Walmart Scene

This look, as the kids would say, is a straight vibe. If the wife and I were feeling young and hip and wanted to go out on the town I might put this getup together myself. The jacket matches the belt and the shoes shows a real effort to coordinate and the beige paisley shirt with shades of the same brown of the pants is Chef’s Kiss

Outfit 4: The classic Shitter’s Full 

A white leisure robe with a revealing hemline and a plunging neckline this look just exudes raw sexuality.  The black calf length socks add a certain modesty to the lower leg while providing warmth while the headwear initially chosen for solely functional purposes adds a certain rustic-backwoods look that just ties it all together

Outfit 5: Christmas Eve

Wall Street Brokers, CEO’s, Hillary Clinton, Ironman, they may all think they know what a Power Suit is but they’re all wrong.  This, ladies and gentlemen is a Power Suit.  Light blue with his now trademark paisley the man has found a look that works for him and has thrown everything into it.  This suit simply states “quite clearly we’re at a formal occasion, and I can look the part, but you and everyone here should be well aware that I am a man of Leisure”


And to all a good night!

Merry Christmas!

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