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“Where’s the value in drinking Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley when it costs $75 or more a bottle?”

I hear that question a lot from friends and acquaintances who recoil at paying big money for Napa’s signature red wine. My answer is simple: If you love Napa wine, don’t give up on it. Just work harder to find the best deals. That means being on the lookout for exclusive wines selling at a discount.

Several weeks ago, I came upon such a deal at the Wine ConneXtion (WC) in North Andover, where seven premium Napa wines from Hess Persson Estates were showcased at a free public tasting.

(For the unfamiliar, the Hess legacy is an inspiring one. Donald Hess launched the winery in 1978, being one of the first pioneers to plant elevated vineyards high atop Mount Veeder overlooking Napa Valley. The Hess Collection brand is his namesake.

In 2012, Hess asked his son-in-law Tim Persson and wife Sabrina to join the team. They moved from South Africa to Napa in 2014 and now oversee much of the family business. They are responsible for launching Hess’ next generation wines called The Lions Head Collection.)

At the top of WC’s tasting menu was the 2018 Hess Collection “The Lion” Cabernet Sauvignon, the winery’s signature Mount Veeder bottling that is offered exclusively to club members and rarely makes it to a public sale. The 2018 lists for $225 a bottle at the winery and has earned outstanding ratings from wine critics.

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  1. Ellen Andre says:

    Great job, Jim! Good to see you actively involved in the wine scene.

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