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Group Claims Credit for Lowell Cyber Attack

“Play” ransomware, which took credit for a cyber attack on the city of Oakland, California back in March, yesterday took to its data leak site and Twitter to claim it pulled off last week’s attack on the City of Lowell, though the validity of that claim is in question.

The attack was discovered in the early morning hours of April 24th, forcing the city to shut down it’s MIS systems. As of today, operations are still disrupted and no definitive time frame has been set for a return to all systems go.

As part of it’s claim, the ransomware group references passports and budgets, though it’s notable that the city does not have passport data and budgets are widely available to the public, which casts doubt on whether they actually are responsible.

City officials remain confident that no data “escaped” during the incident, but they are proceeding cautiously and are working with the multiple agencies, including the FBI and Homeland Security to monitor the web for any potential information releases.

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