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ICC Timetable Comes Into Focus

Photo courtesy of the UML ICC’s Website.

It appears the City of Lowell has finally received a move-in date for the migrant families expected to use the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center as an Emergency Shelter.

Multiple City Council sources tell InsideLowell City Manager Tom Golden notified them this afternoon that December 18 expected move-in date and that families would be arriving in groups of 10-15 per day.

The Manager also indicated there would be increased activity visible at the facilities, as contractors and others begin final preparations.

The vendor in charge of the facility, Commonwealth Care Alliance, has already met with Lowell Police to review safety measures and that all preparations on that front should be completed by the 18th. As we reported last week, the original target date of December 1 could not be met according to sources because CCA wasn’t yet ready.

City officials have met and continue to meet with CCA and local vendors who will be assisting with services. According to the Manager’s note to the council, the city still has no control over the situation, but the vendor has been cooperative in terms of scheduling meetings. Golden also told the councilors he is pushing for more transparency and that “it would not be appropriate to let people guess.”

Whether the Governor’s Administration or Commonwealth Care Alliance heeds that advice is to be determined, but at least the council is being informed through the Manager. As a result, now you are, too.

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