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Inside Lowell – Election Guide

Lowell City Council Candidate Interviews

At-Large City Councilor Rita Mercier

At-Large City Council candidate and current District 8 City Councilor Erik Gitschier

At-Large City Council candidate Virak Uy

At-Large City Council candidate Corey Belanger

District 1 (Pawtucketville) City Councilor Dan Rourke

District 2 (Centralville) City Councilor Corey Robinson

District 2 (Centralville) City Council candidate Marty Hogan 

District 3 ( Belvidere) City Councilor John Leahy

District 4 (Downtown) City Councilor Wayne Jenness

District 5 (South Lowell) City Councilor Kim Scott

District 6 (Lower Highlands) City Council candidate Justin Ford

District 7 (Acre) City Councilor Paul Ratha Yem

District 7 (Acre) City Council candidate Fru Nkimbeng

District 8 (Upper Highlands) City Council candidate John Descoteaux

Lowell City Council Candidate Debates

City Council At-Large Candidates Forum – Rita Mercier (incumbent), Vesna Nuon (incumbent), Erik Gitschier (incumbent, currently holding District 8 seat), Corey Belanger, Virak Uy and Bobby Tugbiyele 

District 4 Candidate Form – Wayne Jenness (incumbent) 

District 5 – Kim Scott (incumbent) and Susie Chhoun

District 6 Debate – Sokhary Chau (incumbent, current Mayor) and Justin Ford

District 7 Debate – Paul Ratha Yem (incumbent) and Fru Nkimbeng

Lowell School Committee Candidate Interviews

At-Large School Committee Member Jackie Doherty

District 1 School Committee candidate Fred Bahou


Lowell School Committee Candidate Debate

District 1 School Committee – Stacey Thompson (incumbent) and Fred Bahou

Lowell Election Coverage

Election 2023 Ballots

Election 2023 Preview – October 24, 2023

Election Update – September 11, 2023

Election Update – August 14, 2023

Election 2023 Coverage Kickoff – June 26, 2023

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