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InsideChelmsford: PD Warns of Spoofing Scam

CHELMSFORD – Police Chief Colin Spence and the Chelmsford Police Department would like to warn the community about recent scam phone calls that spoofed the Department’s phone number.

On Monday, March 18, a Chelmsford resident received a phone call from a person alleging to be from Chelmsford Police. The caller ID displayed the Department’s number and identified as “Chelmsford Police.”

The caller, a scammer, informed the victim that they were required to appear in court as a witness but had failed to do so. The scammer then demanded payment of a fine via Bitcoin due to the victim’s non-appearance. Sensing something wrong, the victim started asking questions, prompting the caller to abruptly end the call.

A Westford resident received a similar call two weeks ago, with the caller also posing as a Chelmsford officer and seeking private banking details.

“It’s crucial to note that Chelmsford Police never solicit for fundraisers or request money over the phone or internet,” said Chief Spence. “If you receive a suspicious call from someone claiming to be a Chelmsford Police officer, hang up immediately and dial 978-256-2521 to report the scam.”


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