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InsideDracut: Father-Daughter Team in the Pipeline

Marc and Lindsay L’Heureux are the father-daughter team behind Marc L’Heureux & Daughter Plumbing & Heating. Lindsay’s son, 15-month-old Mateo, is waiting in the wings.

DRACUT — The truck grabs your attention instantly. After all, plenty of trucks feature a business name that includes the words “and Son(s).” Not many, however, boast “and Daughter.”

That eye-catching truck belongs to Marc L’Heureux & Daughter Plumbing & Heating.

October 8 was Father-Daughter Day, so Dracut Economic Development celebrated by featuring a father-daughter business team in Dracut.

Marc is proud to advertise on his truck the fact that his daughter, Lindsay, is his business partner – and people are noticing.

“People call us on the highway,” Lindsay says. “We’ll be driving along and someone will call and say, ‘I love your truck.’”

“One time,” Marc adds, “I got a call while we’re driving, and the woman says, ‘I’m right behind you and I love your truck.’ When we walk into a house, you think the clients talk to me? No, they go right up to Lindsay and say, ‘You’re really a plumber?’”

Marc started his plumbing business in 1990 out of his Old Meadow Road home. His youngest child, Lindsay, was born three years later. At 19, she started tagging along with her dad to jobs.

“He needed help, but I had to beg him to let me help,” Lindsay L’Heureux says. “He’d say, ‘No, it’s not meant for a girl.’”

But she wore him down.

“Finally, he said, ‘OK, if you can last a week, you can do it.’ And I’ve never left.”

Lindsay went to Greater Lowell Technical High School nights to earn her license, and now she’s expert in all facets of the job. In addition to plumbing and heating, the L’Heureuxs do air-conditioning, boilers and hot water tanks.

Marc says working with his daughter is “unbelievable” – and not only because she’s an ace plumber. Lindsay has also taken on the paperwork.

“I do all the books,” she says.

“It’s made life so much easier,” Marc adds.

Lindsay says the idea is for her to take over the business when her dad retires, which he says he has no plans to do any time soon.

If Marc ever does decide to step down, they may have to get a new truck that says “Lindsay L’Heureux & Son.” Her boy, Mateo Fernandes, is 15 months old.


Here are a few other father-daughter teams in business together in Dracut.

  • Blanchette, Jean & Company, 1440 Bridge Street. Albert Jean and his daughter, Therese Blanchette, are the principals in the CPA firm that has been in business for over 50 years.
  • Frobie’s Cafe, 101 Broadway Road. Stephanie Shanahan’s dream was to own a café, so she and her father, Evan Zgonis, bought the popular coffee and sandwich shop in September.
  • Gorman Tax Service, 1105 Lakeview Avenue. Harry Gorman started the business over 40 years ago, and Kristine Gorman joined him 23 years ago.
  • Joker’s Lounge, 135 Stewart Street. Ed Morgan owns Joker’s Lounge (as well as the Rally Cap Pub at 85 Pleasant Street), and his daughter, Ashley McLuin, manages Joker’s.
  • L’Hussier Insurance, 1641 Bridge Street. Amanda L’Hussier manages the Dracut office in the house in which her father, Michael L’Hussier, grew up and where her grandfather, David, started the business. L’Hussier’s also has a Chelmsford office, where Michael concentrates on taxes and Amanda’s mother, Sue, oversees insurance operations.
  • Mama’s Italian Restaurant, 1140 Lakeview Avenue. Steve Coravos and his cousin, Charlie Koravos, own Mama’s and Steve’s daughter, Stacey Coravos, runs the show.
  • Original Romano’s Pizza, 1794 Bridge Street, Suite 10. Paul Romano recently bought back the space he owned about three decades ago, and this time, he brought his daughter, Kyley, in to manage the store.
  • Shaw Farm, 204 New Boston Road. Warren runs the fifth-generation family farm, and daughter Lyndie Shaw owns and runs M.L. Shaw’s Country Kitchen, across town on 14 Loon Hill Road, but stays involved with the farm as well.

(Dan Phelps is the Economic Development Planner for the Town of Dracut.)

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