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InsideDracut: John Zimini Joins the Team

InsideMedia Corporation, which launched InsideLowell last October, is pleased to announce the expansion of its InsideDracut feature with the addition of John Zimini to its list of “Insiders.”

Zimini, a former Dracut Selectman and long-time media presence in town, will provide news and political coverage to, as well as showcasing his popular What’s Happening Dracut cable TV program on the InsideLowell podcast network.

“Having informed residents and taxpayers is the backbone of great communities. Media outlets like “Inside Lowell” provide information and views that many times are not what politicians want the electorate to know,” said former Selectman Zimini. “That is why I consider it an honor to be partnering with InsideMedia Corporation and especially well-respected media personality Teddy Panos to provide InsideLowell with Dracut political opinions and News you may not see anywhere else.  I am particularly proud to have my DATV political opinion and news show “What’s Happening Dracut” included in this partnership.  I look forward to helping bring information and political news to those who seek to make our communities better.”

Former Lowell Sun reporter Dan Phelps, the current Dracut Economic Development Project Planner, has been providing business and event coverage of the town as part of the InsideDracut feature since October of 2022. Other key players have also contributed occasional guest columns to the multi-media website and are encouraged to continue doing so, but Zimini’s consistent contributions will help the new media entity grow its presence in a community with a vibrant political scene and passionate advocates on all sides.

“InsideLowell lanched with an eye toward eventually expanding to surrounding communities,” said InsideLowell Founder Teddy Panos. “The positive response to our InsideDracut business feature only sped up the process. Johns Zimini’s iinside knowledge of Dracut’s political scene, combined with his well-established media presence in the town, are a perfect fit for what we are doing at InsideMedia Corporation and where we are headed.”

InsideLowell launched on October 24, 2022. You can also follow the site on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or by signing up to be part of the In Crowd at

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