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Student’s Cruiser Design is Arresting

Lowell High School Graphic Design Teacher Faye O’Leary and Senior Erin Sam stand with the new Lowell Police Department School Resource Officer Cruiser. (Courtesy Lowell Police Department)

LOWELL — Superintendent Greg Hudon is pleased to report that the Lowell Police Department unveiled a new School Resource Officer cruiser that was designed by a Lowell High School senior who won a design contest for students.

Erin Sam, a senior at Lowell High School, designed the graphics that adorn both sides of the new cruiser, which will be used by School Resource Officer Erica Torres.

The cruiser will also be featured at community events attended by Lowell Police, such as the upcoming Lowell Police Youth Outreach Day on Wednesday, Sept. 20.

Police Superintendent Greg Hudon presents Erin Sam, with a gift of a Lowell Police Youth Services (Courtesy Lowell Police Department)

Sam made the design as part of her Introduction to Graphic Design class at Lowell High School. Class members submitted more than half of the 17 submissions that were made to the contest to design a cruiser. Sam received a Lowell Police T-shirt and a $50 gift card that was donated by the Lowell Police Patrolmen’s Union.

“I’m elated that Erin’s design was chosen for a Lowell Police cruiser,” said Graphic Design teacher Faye O’Leary. “This project exemplifies the power of community partnerships in education. It offers students like Erin authentic design experiences while fostering civic engagement. Through service learning projects, our class doesn’t just learn about graphic design; we actively contribute to the community we’re a part of. It’s a fulfilling, real-world educational experience for everyone involved.”

Sam’s design features Lowell’s skyline, drawings of children, and the words “Lowell” and “Community” spelled out in sign language on either side of the cruiser.

At left, Lowell Police Sgt. Mike Marshall, Superintendent Greg Hudon, and the family of Erin Sam, who designed the Lowell Police Department’s new School Resource Officer cruiser. At right are Sam, School Resource Officer Erica Torres, Officer Emaly Bouasri, and Deputy Superintendent Mark LeBlanc. (Courtesy Lowell Police Department)

Sam said the style of her design was inspired by drawings she has seen from children who are part of The Jimmy Fund, and that she wanted to focus on the community of Lowell as a whole.

“I wanted to make it look really friendly,” Sam said. “I think I really wanted to express the friendliness and diversity of Lowell.”

Sam’s design was chosen by a panel made up of Lowell Public Schools and Lowell Police staff.

“We received a lot of great submissions to our design a cruiser contest, and we appreciate the effort of every student who submitted a design,” said Superintendent Hudon. “We hope this cruiser will help remind everyone that the Lowell Police Department always seeks to be a part of the Lowell community, and that our city’s kids are incredibly talented.”

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