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Lost Cellphone Weekend: a World Premier Musical

There is a serious epidemic that has infected our society, indeed, across the entire globe. It is insidious, dangerous, mind-altering. The medical term for this disease is:


Evil, corporate-profit-driven algorithms have hypnotized normal people in every land and language, who stumble around with faces perpetually locked onto their mobile devices, oblivious to their obliviousness.  There are zombies in our midst!  They are the sign of Mankind’s imminent downfall!

Image Theater has the cure for this catastrophe. A call to arms, a last chance at sanity, we are fighting it with the one weapon that can overcome this devastating challenge:

A catchy, ridiculous musical!

Lost Cellphone Weekend follows the exploits of one Don Birnham: a regular guy, a modern guy, the kinda guy you see every day. Don has a cellphone addiction, alright, but when he and his gal motor up to a B&B in Vermont, Don faces a challenge that threatens his very existence: no cell coverage!  Can Don make it through the weekend “cold turkey”? Could any of us?

(VERY) loosely based on the 1940 Film Noir classic The Lost Weekend, the musical Lost Cellphone Weekend (with book, music, and lyrics by New England Emmy Award-winning composer/playwright Stephen Gilbane) skewers our society’s addiction to social media.  A noir-styled satire with a serious message.

An Image Theater production, the World Premiere of Lost Cellphone Weekend runs Feb 2, 3, 9, and 10 at the new Richard and Nancy Donahue Academic Arts Center, 240 Central St, downtown Lowell. Curtain at 8PM for all shows, tix are $30, $15 for Middlesex Community College Students, ID required.  All available at our website at

For further information on this exciting new musical, call Jerry at 978-866-2125. Or reach us at

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