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Lowell Folk Festival Bucket Brigade Volunteers Needed

If you’re anything like me (and hundreds – or arguably thousands – of other Lowellians), you look forward to the Lowell Folk Festival every year.

Nothing says summer in the Mill City quite like the Downtown full of people, music, food, art and culture!

Eleven years ago, the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce had the honor of joining the Lowell Festival Foundation, City of Lowell, Lowell National Historical Park, National Council for the Traditional Arts and Greater Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau as a Partner of the Lowell Folk Festival and the Chamber took on the task of coordinating a festival staple – the Bucket Brigade.

This truly gave me a new perspective about the festival and all the hardwork, dedication and countless hours that go into planning the festival each and every year.

The Bucket Brigade is a vital component of the Lowell Folk Festival because it’s a significant revenue source, a way for festival-goers to contribute to the weekend festivities, and truly a tradition that folks look forward to (cue the beads!).

Why all the Bucket Brigade talk? Because we need your help!

We are still recruiting volunteers to spend a few hours during the festival as part of the Brigade! It’s a fun and easy lift! Simply walk around one of the stages (volunteers are assigned an area) wearing a Bucket Brigade volunteer tshirt while carrying a bucket and beads and collect donations. When someone puts money in the bucket, give them some beads. Easy peasy!

We are seeking individuals and teams to join us! It’s also a family friendly activity. My kids LOVE being a part of the Bucket Brigade AND… who can say no to cute kids?

Now that I’ve made my pitch and inspired you to help (wink, wink), please fill out this Sign Up Form or email me at


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