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Lowell Lingo

My senior year in college the professor asked the class the following icebreaker, “What’s one thing that makes you really happy?” My reply, “When I’m driving home from school and the sign on 495 says Lowell – 10 miles.”

Needless to say, I am consistent.

I was born here (along with my parents and grandparents) and I will die here.

And in the interim, I will continue to take advantage of all of the wonderful things that our City has to offer, including its affinity for abbreviations, which gets me to my point.

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I’ve been in so many meetings with folks new to working in the City. I often see their eyes bug out their heads when acronyms such as (but most definitely not limited to) LMA, MCC and LGH are thrown around. I make a point to quietly tell these individuals what the said acronyms stand for. You know, to let them in on the Lowell Lingo!

Perhaps this Lowell Lingo started when Consumer Value Stores opened their doors here in Lowell in 1963. (Yes, Lowell is the birthplace of CVS.) But something tells me, the history of Lowell Lingo dates back as far as the City’s rich history does.


Here is some common Lowell Lingo (limited to acronyms):

  • AACC – Afro American Community Collaborative
  • ACCL – African Community Center of Lowell
  • ADT – Angkor Dance Troupe
  • AYO – Acre Youth Organization
  • CASE – Cultural Affairs and Special Events
  • CBA – Coalition for a Better Acre
  • CHH – Center for Hope and Healing
  • CMAA – Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association
  • COOL – Cultural Organization of Lowell
  • CTI – Community Teamwork Inc.
  • CVB – Greater Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • CYO – Centralville Youth Organization
  • BFRT – Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
  • DPD – Department of Planning and Development
  • DPW – Department of Public Works
  • DTL – Downtown Lowell
  • EBTC – Enterprise Bank and Trust Company
  • LMA – Lowell Memorial Auditorium
  • GLCF – Greater Lowell Community Foundation
  • GLCC – Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce
  • GLHA – Greater Lowell Health Alliance
  • HCID – Hamilton Canal Innovation District
  • HSA – Highland Sports Association
  • IL – Inside Lowell
  • JDCU – Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union
  • IINE – International Institute of New England
  • LA – Lowell Area
  • LAB – Lowell Association for the Blind
  • LCHC – Lowell Community Health Center
  • LDFC – Lowell Development & Financial Corporation
  • LFF – Lowell Folk Festival
  • LGH – Lowell General Hospital
  • LHA – Lowell Housing Authority
  • LHS – Lowell High School, Lowell Humane Society, Lowell Historical Society
  • LNHP – Lowell National Historical Park
  • LP&CT – Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust
  • LDP – Lowell Police Department
  • LFD – Lowell Fire Department
  • LRTA – Lowell Regional Transit Authority
  • LSMS – Lowell Summer Music Series
  • LTC – Lowell TeleMedia
  • LYLP – Lowell Youth Leadership Program
  • LYSA – Lowell Youth Soccer Association
  • MAPS – Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers
  • MCC – Middlesex Community College
  • MRT – Merrimack Repertory Theatre
  • MVCLC – Merrimack Valley Central Labor Council
  • MVFB – Merrimack Valley Food Bank
  • MVHP – Merrimack Valley Housing Project
  • OC – The Old Court
  • PML – Pollard Memorial Library
  • PYO – Pawtucketville Youth Organization
  • UML – UMass Lowell
  • UML ICC – UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center
  • UTL – United Teachers of Lowell
  • WAS – Western Ave Studios
  • YPGL – Young Professionals of Greater Lowell
  • ZBA – Zoning Board of Appeals

So, there you have it. A brief (one could even say abbreviated – wink, wink) lesson on some of Lowell’s most loved acronyms. If there is ever a guide on “How to Lowell” they should definitely be included!

{Sidenote: I’m sure I’ve forgotten some, so please comment on this post and I’ll update this with your feedback (keep it clean folks!).}

33 responses to “Lowell Lingo”

  1. Bach says:

    Can’t leave out the OC

  2. Christopher Brennan says:

    CMAA – Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association

  3. Lisa Ansara says:

    Don’t forget a new one – LYLP

  4. Ray Espo says:

    Having coached for many years…LYSA (Lowell Youth Soccer Association)⚽️

  5. Ryan says:

    PYO, CYO, AYO. I’d say HSA and SP, CP but just kind of call it Highlands and Shedd, Callery.

  6. Maria says:


  7. ADT – Angkor Dance Troupe
    LTC – Lowell Telemedia Center

  8. Maria says:


  9. Rob Mitchell says:

    AACC – Afro American Community Collaborative

  10. Joe Carreiro says:

    Wish El Potro had an acronym – great job Danielle

  11. Kim Nichols says:


  12. Eileen Loucraft says:

    ICC – UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center

  13. Eileen Loucraft says:

    PML – Pollard Memorial Library
    I love lists!

  14. Rosemary says:

    This is great! What a compilation!

  15. Hi Danielle,

    Lowell Association for the Blind. LAB


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