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Mayor Chau Seeking Higher Office

As InsideLowell reported early Sunday afternoon, Lowell Mayor Sokhary Chau is running for Middlesex North Register of Deeds in 2024.

A formal statement arrived late Sunday, but Chau informed his city council colleagues of his intentions in the earlier in the day.

Lowell’s first Cambodian Mayor, who won re-election to his District 6 seat this past Tuesday, seemed to imply to fellow councilors he intends to serve his full term on the council, even if successful in winning the Registry seat. However the official statement only indicates he will remain fully committed to his council duties while pursuing the Registry office.

Chau is expected to tout his experience in the mortgage industry, law firm work and real estate as qualifications to help him continue the work begun under Dick Howe, Jr. Howe recently announced that he is not seeking re-election.


3 responses to “Mayor Chau Seeking Higher Office”

  1. George says:

    Well he certainly sounds very qualified for that position.

  2. Paula says:

    Sounds like he has no idea what the Register Of Deeds even does but good luck. Karen Casella has way more knowledge. I look forward to watching debates.

  3. Richard Demers says:

    If he gets the job it will be a show of Politics at its best. Karen Cassella has been doing the job and is way more knowledgeable in that office.
    But we all know how politics works around here.

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