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No Radio Silence on Fridays

For the second consecutive week, City Manager Tom Golden appeared on the 980 WCAP Morning Show with Host Gerry Nutter to provide updates on the ransomware breach of Lowell’s computer systems.

While providing new details about efforts to assist retirees of the city’s workforce, Golden also pushed back on criticisms that he has not communicated with employees during the process, pointing to a dozen copies of emails he brought in studio that were sent to staff since the April 24th incident. The Manager described those emails as providing information on efforts to repair whatever damage was done, as well as instruction and information on actions employees should take to protect themselves.

When asked by Nutter about efforts to protect retirees, Golden announced for the first time that LifeLock would be offered free of charge to them as well, with that information scheduled to go out in an email this coming Monday.

Among the other new information gleaned from the discussion is that Police bookings at the Lowell station, currently being done at Dracut P.D., should resume within a week. He also added that if anyone needed birth, marriage or death certificates from 1958-present, those could be obtained at City Hall. Anything prior to 1958 is still a month or two away from being restored.

Nutter tells InsideLowell the Manager has already committed to appearing on the Morning Show next Friday, in an effort to continue providing weekly updates to the audience and residents


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  1. Pamela Underwood says:

    Love Tom’s commitment to open lines of communication as well as his support for the City of Lowell and its employees.

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