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Now Stepping Into the Ring…..

Boxing and Golden Gloves aficionados will recall that Tuesday used to be fight night at Lowell Memorial Auditorium.

Now that the Gloves have shifted to Thursday night, it appears Lowell’s City Council is doing it’s best to ensure at least one “Main Event” returns to Tuesday.

The latest motion sure to ring the bell on some verbal sparring is motion 8.22:

Councilors Dan Rourke, Corey Robinson, Kim Scott and Paul Ratha-Yem co-sponsored the intriguing motion to address homelessness as a Public Health Crisis, an interesting spin off of 2020’s Racism is a Public Health Crisis attempt which featured a rematch in 2022. One thing this observer will be closely watching is whether the passing of said motion opens the door to extra legal authority and financial resources that can be used to fight homelessness, along with the vagrancy issues plaguing the Downtown and other neighborhoods.

In the corner to our left, you’ll likely find the familiar faces of advocates combatting the motion. In the corner to our right, you might find a few of the business voices that entered the ring on this discussion last time homeless issues were on the fight card, I mean, agenda. Will any residents who are growing increasingly punch drunk over the ongoing battle join in?

It’s safe to say which team the four Councilors co-filing the motion are fighting for. Where do the other seven stand?

Grab a ringside seat at City Hall or tune in to LTC’s broadcast to find out. And as always, remember that the Lowell Citizen, Ryan Gilday, will provide highlights and break down all the action in his weekly council recap Wednesday morning on InsideLowell.

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