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Quick Campaign Finance Check-In

Is it me, or is this campaign season boring? It’s not exactly the Mortal Kombat that freaks like me enjoy watching. My perception could be due to the fact that my district councilor is unopposed. Anecdotally – things have been pretty sleepy in my neck of the woods. Only two at-large candidates have hit my door (Erik Gitschier and Bobby Tugbiyele) and I’m not hearing reports of much action in other districts either.

However, there’s still about six weeks left, so all that could change before November 7th.

Until then, here’s a look at where the candidates stand in terms of finance.

[All data pulled from The last round of reports available was 8/31/23. Candidates may have more or less as of 9/22/23 but we won’t know until early October. “Amount Spent” sum is all expenditures from 1/01/23 to 8/31/23. I take no responsibility for any shoddy math or data-entry errors – but if you find something glaring – drop me a line.]

If you’re reading this on a cellphone and can’t read those charts:


Rita Mercier: $16,915.66 (Cash in Bank); $2,679.8 (Amount Spent)

Vesna Nuon: $7,742.19 (Cash in Bank); $6,917.54 (Amount Spent)

Erik Gitshier: $6,931.04 (Cash in Bank); $3,936.57 (Amount Spent)

Virak Uy: $2,179.67 (Cash in Bank); $1,495.45 (Amount Spent)

Corey Belanger: $207.84 (Cash in Bank); $4,787.16 (Amount Spent)

District 1:

Daniel Rourke $24,719.33 (Cash in Bank); $1,552.57 (Amount Spent)

District 2:

Corey Robinson: $5,853.37 (Cash in Bank); $3,070.48 (Amount Spent)

Martin Hogan: $1,368.01 (Cash in Bank); $132.00 (Amount Spent)

District 3:

John Leahy: $78.48 (Cash in Bank); $0 (Amount Spent)

District 4:

Wayne Jenness: $7,975.88 (Cash in Bank); $1,552.57 (Amount Spent)

Amada Gregory: $350.76 (Cash in Bank); $749.24 (Amount Spent)

District 5:

Kim Scott: $6,424.52 (Cash in Bank); $2,262.49 (Amount Spent)

Susie Chhoun: $6,224.78 (Cash in Bank); $1,542.85 (Amount Spent)

District 6:

Sokhary Chau: $33,120.57 (Cash in Bank); $28,133.62 (Amount Spent)

Justin Ford: $1,967.08 (Cash in Bank); $271.22 (Amount Spent)

District 7:

Paul Ratha Yem: $1,824.22 (Cash in Bank); $6,574.14 (Amount Spent)

Fru Nkimbeng: $1,549.23 (Cash in Bank); $2,135.77 (Amount Spent)

District 8:

John Descoteaux: $9,859.33 (Cash in Bank); $2,457.67 (Amount Spent)

Ty Chum: $485.70 (Cash in Bank); $600.00 (Amount Spent)

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