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Rep. Elliott Testifies on Fireworks Safety Bill

Lowell – The Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security recently heard State Representative Rodney Elliott’s Bill, H3634, “An Act further regulating the discharge of fireworks in densely populated neighborhoods.”

This legislation would significantly increase fines for individuals found in violation of fireworks egulations and focuses penalties in densely populated regions of Massachusetts.

Currently the fine can be as low as $10 per violation.

“The misuse of fireworks poses a significant threat to public safety, property, and the wellbeing of our communities. The current fine is less than a parking ticket. By increasing fines for illegal fireworks usage, we not only deter irresponsible behavior but also send a clear message that the safety of our citizens is eminent.” Representative Elliott (D-Lowell) stated as the only sponsor of the bill.

This legislation aims to address the concerns raised by the many residents who live in densely populated neighborhoods, where the usage of fireworks exacerbates safety issues. This Act proposes that individuals caught using illegal fireworks in areas with a population density of 1,000 or more persons per square mile will face heightened penalties.

With public safety in mind Representative Elliott emphasized, “we see a significant increase in use of illegal fireworks in Lowell and in cities with densely populated neighborhoods who are most vulnerable to the dangerousness of fireworks. In Lowell, we know fireworks have been the contributing factor to house fires.”

Police departments are inundated with calls about fireworks. Both quality-of-life and public safety are a concern. Bordering New Hampshire, where the sale of fireworks is illegal, it is convenient to access fireworks. Representative Elliott’s hope is that this bill to increase penalties will act as a deterrent to the illegal use of fireworks.

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