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Ruling Reversed: Chelmsford Wildlife Rescue Staying

After an August determination put the future of  Newhouse Animal Rescue at risk, the Town of Chelmsford has reversed course and ruled the structures in question do not violate zoning codes.

Chelmsford Building Commissioner, Jose Negron, informed the attorney representing Jane Newhouse of the new and final determination in a letter earlier this morning. (the letter is published in its entirety below).

The communication cites information not previously available to the Town during the original violation concern notice and reasons why the structures are protected from zoning enforcement.

Negron did advise that any future construction on the site be verified by the Commissioner or Building Department, and that anyone who feels aggrieved by the new ruling has the right to appeal to the Board of Appeal at the Community Development Department within 30-days.



One response to “Ruling Reversed: Chelmsford Wildlife Rescue Staying”

  1. el guapo says:

    So did the Chelmsford Building Inspector just put in writing that ANY non-profit that violates Zoning By-Laws is okay as long as it would create an economic hardship to correct it?

    Can the American legion build right up to the property line as long as they display memorabilia (the educational component) inside the bar/hall? So as long as I add a blackboard and keep a few folding chairs I can expand my one car garage to a three car? I promise to start a non-profit that discusses Fantasy Football and pay myself.

    I’m liking the new Chelsmford. Always follow the money

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