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Shelter in Place at Lowell High

Update 1:35pm: Shelter in Place lifted

Multiple sources inside Lowell High are telling us a “Shelter in Place” was put in effect at around 11:50am, with teachers and students being told to “stay locked in their rooms.” 

A teacher texted shortly after 1pm to say police officers are still going through the building room by room.

A Lowell Police source tells InsideLowell that “there is no active threat at the school” and that the shelter in place was ordered out of an abundance of caution.

Meanwhile, another source familiar with the situation says “apparently someone called LPD about an Instagram post about a gun in the building so they put the building into lockdown to investigate but haven’t found anything yet.”

A teacher inside the building replied “it seems like every cop in Lowell flew by the school then we went into shelter in place. I assume something nearby. Serious response though.”

Other sources also confirmed multiple sirens and police vehicles in the area, and one passerby sent us a photo of the scene outside.

We will continue to gather information and share as it becomes available.

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  1. Annoyed says:

    What date is this from? Please put dates on the individual articles. Not available in search bar, should we all be expected to search github repos for dates?

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