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Slow Down Lowell: 25 is the New 55!

LOWELL — Superintendent Greg Hudon is announcing a new citywide speed limit of 25 miles per hour in all thickly settled and business districts of the city, which includes most, but not all, of the city streets in Lowell. (view map below)

The adjusted speed limit is intended to make Lowell streets safer for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, and to reduce the risk of serious injury in the event of a motor vehicle crash.

At the Nov. 22, 2022, City Council Meeting, the City Council voted to opt-in to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90, Section 17C, authorizing the reduced statutory speed limit and authorizing implementation of the measure on a Citywide basis in late 2023. Statutory speed limits exist in the absence of special speed regulations on file with MassDOT.

The reduced speed limit does not apply to streets with existing special speed regulations. Click Here to view a map of streets with special speed regulations. These special speed regulations remain in effect with the change in the statutory speed limit.

The City of Lowell will be installing new signs at the City’s borders and other key locations advising motorists of the new speed restriction. The Lowell Police Department intends to conduct an extensive public information campaign as the new measure takes effect to ensure motorists are aware of the change before strict enforcement of the reduced speed limit takes place.

Thirty-two new signs have been installed throughout the city and more will be added in the coming weeks. Police are also planning a social media campaign to help spread the word of the change, and to deploy sign boards at major entry points to the city over the next three to six weeks.

Beginning in April, residents will be able to pick up free lawn signs noting the new citywide speed limit at both City Hall, 375 Merrimack St., and the Lowell Senior Center, 276 Broadway.

“This City Council approved change should help reduce crashes and injuries, and make our city safer for pedestrians,” said Superintendent Hudon. “Please help us spread the word about this change. Our goal here is to improve safety, and not to issue more speeding tickets. We look forward to voluntary compliance with these new regulations.”

“The City Council and administration are committed to enhancing the safety and well-being of all residents, and the citywide speed limit is a significant step toward achieving that goal,” said City Manager Thomas A. Golden, Jr. “We urge everyone to be mindful of the new speed limit and to prioritize safety on our roads.”

To learn more, or to view frequently asked questions about the change, visit:

One response to “Slow Down Lowell: 25 is the New 55!”

  1. Magoo says:

    Look how ridiculous the speed changes on the VFW are. Random 5 mph changes thrown around. The citywide 25 mph is shortsighted, enforce the limits already on the books

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