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Trahan Announces $4.5 Million for Greater Lowell Head Start Programs

Today, Congresswoman Lori Trahan (MA-03) announced $4,566,022 in federal funding for Community Teamwork, Inc.’s (CTI) Head Start programs. This funding will support child care and behavioral health services for kids in Greater Lowell and across the 63 cities and towns covered by CTI programs.

“In Massachusetts and beyond, Head Start programs have proven successful in supporting our young kids and getting them ready for school. We know the success of our kids stems not only from quality, educational services, but also comprehensive behavioral health services that are especially critical at the preschool age,” said Congresswoman Lori Trahan. “Community Teamwork is a terrific partner in understanding the needs of our kids and getting them ready for the classroom. I have no doubt that these funds will be well-utilized through Community Teamwork’s Head Start programs and the Rita Dee O’Brien Center for Behavioral Health and Development.”

“We are so grateful to Congresswoman Lori Trahan for her tireless efforts to ensure our Head Start programs receive the funding they need to ensure our children are taken care of and individuals in our community are able to work,” said Karen Frederick, CEO of Community Teamwork. “One area where we have seen a tremendous need is behavioral and mental health services.  This most recent funding allows us to continue build out our Rita Dee O’Brien Center for Behavioral Health and Development. This center is located at our Phoenix Ave location and will provide much needed services to our children, families and community.  We are thrilled to have received this important grant.”

The Head Start programs promote school readiness and provide quality educational and community-based services to children and families in a nurturing environment. The program not only ensures that the children involved in the program are well taken care of, but they also provide support for the entire family through health care, social services, job training, housing and food assistance, and home visits.

“Community Teamwork is pleased that our Child and Family Services Division has been awarded continuation funding for our Head Start Program. With this funding, we can continue to support children and families through a 2 generational model and address the critical behavioral and mental health needs of the children in our care. This investment will also enable us to, advance staff salaries towards a more livable wage, reduce our teacher turnover rates and provide for a more sustainable workforce,” said Meghan Siembor, Division Director of Child and Family Services of Community Teamwork. “We are so grateful to Congresswoman Lori Trahan for her tireless efforts to ensure we receive this funding as it ultimately will result in high quality programming for children and families in our community.”

Trahan has consistently supported Head Start, having secured funding for the Third District and secured increases in funding at the national level. Previously, Congresswoman Trahan has delivered Head Start funding to Community Day Care Center of Lawrence, Inc., Community Teamwork in Lowell, Making Opportunity Count in Fitchburg, and Community Action, Inc in Haverhill. Since arriving in Congress in 2019, Congresswoman Trahan has advocated for and secured an additional $1.9 billion in federal Head Start funding, bringing this year’s total allocation to $12 billion.

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