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Trahan Sounds Alarm on Biden Candidacy

With little more than a month until the Democratic National Convention, and less than four months till Election Day, count Congresswoman Lori Trahan among the chorus of elected Democratic party officials expressing concern over President Joe Biden’s ability to win this November.

Contacted by InsideLowell for comment on the growing doubts after the June 27 debate performance and whether the 3rd District Representative would join calls for the President to forego the party’s nomination, Trahan issued the following statement:

“I voted for Joe Biden to be our nominee because I believe in his work with House Democrats to deliver unprecedented progress for the American people. However, since the debate, I have met with fellow Biden voters in Massachusetts who have real concerns about the President’s ability to beat Donald Trump. I share those concerns.”

“While President Biden has made clear he feels he is the best candidate to win this election, nothing that has happened over the past twelve days suggests that voters see things the same way. A second Trump presidency will do irreparable damage to women and to our country, and President Biden must act with urgency to restore Americans’ confidence so we win in November.”

“Over the next four months, I will do everything in my power to help Democrats retake the House and defeat Donald Trump.”

When asked in a follow up whether the statement translates into a call for the President to step aside, a spokesperson for the Congresswoman responded; “She’s saying he needs to do better if we’re going to be able to win.”

Whether Biden is capable of doing better is increasingly in question, though to this point, the President has remained steadfast that he’s in the race till the end and the candidate best capable of winning the election.

3 responses to “Trahan Sounds Alarm on Biden Candidacy”

  1. Cynthia Santiglia says:

    No thanks for the sensationalist click-baity headline. Disappointing at best. I know you can do better!

  2. Michael Symonds says:

    Your lack of enthusiasm for Joe is disturbing, especially since neither you nor any other Democrat has a plan for any other candidate to win ( if such a candidacy is even possible.)
    We need to push Joe over the finish line and throw Trump on the scrap heap of history and this public handwringing is not doing anything good.

  3. Barry says:

    So she as most Democrats realize that Joe isn’t going to win. Just watching MSNBC anchors with their sad faces says it all. Reminds me of November 2016 and watching Maddow’s face. I thought Trahan was going say the Democratic line l will let Joe decide

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