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“Presence from the Past” Returns

As part of our 40th anniversary, the Lowell Historic Board will soon be bringing back one of its popular community engagement and outreach programs, our digital newsletter, Presence from the Past.

Begun in 2003 in print form, the newsletter moved to a digital format in 2011, making it much easier and cost-effective to design, produce, and distribute.

Along with our social media platforms and website, it’s a great way to keep up with our activities and discover more about preservation, history, design, and architecture. Special thanks to the Pollard Memorial Library for their assistance in the relaunch of our newsletter!

To sign up for our distribution list, head to this link:

The creation of the newsletter was inspired, and named, by our colleague and good friend Gerry Cook who passed away in October, 2003.

Gerry was the Housing Program Manager in the City’s Department of Planning and Development and also helped develop Community Teamwork’s YouthBuild program. He was a great history enthusiast, believing that educating people about history could teach them something about themselves and his Native American heritage motivated him to participate in living history events.

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