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Soup’s on at St. Paul’s Kitchen

by Ellen Andre

10th in a series highlighting local non-profits

St. Paul’s Soup Kitchen is a much lesser known non-profit in the community but quietly helping so many in need.

They are located in the Eliot Presbyterian Church on Summer St. in Lowell.  The soup kitchen has been in operation since 1995, over 25 years!  I was so happy to learn more about their good works and I’m sure you will be too.

Their mission is to serve a free dinner daily through the week, to anyone needing a meal.   St. Paul’s Soup Kitchen supports anyone experiencing food insecurities in the city of Lowell.  They have been feeding people for 28 years and continue to do so.  The doors open at 3pm for coffee and fellowship, and the meals are served either as dine-in or take-out, to anyone who is hungry.  They welcome all.  In addition to dinner they would like to expand meal offerings, perhaps including breakfast daily.

The biggest challenge they face is funding.  They have many individual supporters, local churches and a few commercial businesses that provide some funding but balancing their budget with increases in supplies is proving challenging.  St. Paul’s is a volunteer organization, with only two paid employees and are currently serving between 60-100 meals a night.

They are a quiet, behind the scenes group, doing important work and monetary donations are the biggest need right now.

If you would like more information or can help with a donation, please contact:

On their website you can learn more about the organization or  make a check payable to:

St. Paul’s Soup Kitchen
P.O. Box 2257
Lowell,  MA  01851

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