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Ford Hopes Second Time’s the Charm

Justin Ford, the political newcomer who ran against Sokhary Chau back in 2021, is hoping for a different result this time around.

Ford tells InsideLowell he will pull papers when they’re available and  mount another campaign to represent District 6 (Lower Highlands on the Lowell City Council.

Chau defeated Ford in that first race by a roughly 76%-24% margin, before going on to be voted Mayor by his fellow councilors.

“I’m running because the residents of District 6 asked me to be their voice,” said the former Paralegal in the U.S. Army. “I’ve been on the ground in the community over the last two years and I continue to learn why district 6 is beautiful, but I also see the challenges our district faces. I’d like to address those challenges and bring innovative solutions.”

Ford has stayed politically active since the ’21 race, often speaking before the Council on numerous issues, particularly homelessness. On one occasion, his pointed criticism of the council’s efforts on that front even drew sharp retorts from the floor.

“There are a number of other issues I’d like to get into and I will throughout my campaign,” Ford continued. “But for the moment I think one of the most pressing issues our city faces is having good policies and procedures in place. My experience as Paralegal in the United States Army tells me we need better SOPs (standard operating procedures) a solution to the problems that I see constantly arising in our city departments. I hope throughout my campaign residents can get to know me better but more importantly I’d like to hear from them and the issues.”

Until recently, Ford was a Civic Engagement Coordinator for the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association, before announcing on his Facebook page three days ago that he was leaving to become Youth Development Program Manager for the Coalition for a Better Acre.

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