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Top-Rated Clean Tech Company Sets Up Shop in Lowell

EVoLOH Inc., a private green hydrogen technology company described as at the forefront of the development and commercialization of low-cost and mass-produced water electrolyzers, has signed a lease to open operations in the Mill City.

The company announced the move in a press release Tuesday. Their Lowell plant will be located in an industrial facility on Pawtucket Boulevard and will house EVoLOH’s high-speed manufacturing process beginning in 2024, ramping up to full manufacturing in 2025.

Electrolyzers are devices that split hydrogen and oxygen from water, producing hydrogen gas and EVoLOH is ranked the #1 company of it’s kind in the United States, and 4th in the world, by Tracxn, a platform that ranks startups across the globe.

“EVoLOH’s new manufacturing plant marks a significant milestone in our City’s commitment to sustainability, clean energy, and shaping the future of Lowell,” said City Manager Tom Golden. “This aligns perfectly with our City Council’s sustainability goals and the future we envision for Lowell, a cleaner, greener hub of innovation.”

The press release quotes Dr. Jimmy Rojas, Founder and CEO of EVoLOH Inc., as saying, “It gives us great pleasure to partner with the Lowell community and the State of Massachusetts for our first manufacturing venture. This plant will provide well-paying manufacturing jobs and use only low-cost materials from American supply chains without precious metals or dangerous fluorinated polymers, as other electrolyzers use.  We are already reserving manufacturing capacity at Lowell and subsequent plants for our customers who expect to need hundreds of gigawatts of electrolysis capacity by the end of the decade.”

Scott Blanchet, the company’s Chief Operating Officer is also quoted as saying “It is fitting that Lowell, the cradle of American industrialization, should be the location of a manufacturing renaissance for green energy technology. At Lowell, we will be able to manufacture three times the electrolysis power in one-fifth of the space that our competitors require and at a fraction of the cost. The proprietary design used in EVoLOH’s NautilusTM series stacks was created for high-speed manufacturing.”

The announcement signals an economic development victory for Lowell in a a field where the promise of the city’s history and location along the Merrimack River, along with the presence of UMass Lowell, has long been touted as factors working in the city’s favor as society transitions to technologies and jobs of the future. Hopefully, this announcement paves the way to more progress on that front.


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  1. Juli says:

    Great article Teddy and awesome for Lowell and relational for UMass Lowell

  2. Brooke Forgetta says:

    This is a beautiful thing!

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